Business Transactions

“Focus on your business, not the law. We will represent you and your company by overseeing your businesses' formation, negotiations, contracts, franchising, and more. Let us be your legal counsel!”

Shoham Segal, Esq.

Whether you realize it or not, not a day goes by without some form of business transaction taking place. From the simplest purchase of office supplies to complex mergers and acquisitions, an exchange of benefits between multiple parties is performed.

Obviously, not all of these exchanges require the watchful eye of a sharp business transaction lawyer, but when it comes to agreements and documents that effect the operation of your business – either internally or externally – you better make sure that all the ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s are crossed. 

Avoid future regrets and let LVNV Legal counsel’s meticulous professionals go to work for you.

What Does a Business Transaction Lawyer Do?

A business lawyer creates business entities and drafts contracts that make the economy go. Our team navigates regulations, provides guidance and designs strategies for new and existing businesses. We will deliver skilled legal assistance as you…
  • Form corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, or any other business entity;

  • Hire employees and independent contractors;

  • Purchase and sell businesses, or merge with other businesses;

  • Become franchisors, register their franchise and enter in relationships with franchisees;

  • Enter joint ventures and work with strategic partners;

  • License, sell, acquire, and protect copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property assets;

  • Resolve conflicts before they evolve into lawsuits;

  • Engage in other activities relevant to their business.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that you are a businessperson, not a lawyer. Your time is best spent operating, marketing and hustling for your business, not worrying about transactional regulations or trying to figure out which statute governs your next venture. So focus on the former, and leave the latter to LVNV Legal.